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March, 22nd 2015

Happy Anniversary PullipCon! ♥

« Today is the day of our 1st anniversary and we want to be grateful for all those who took part, they attended and collaborated it will do just a year!

The gift that we have for you is the news of re-forming the web about: map, schedules, stalls, collaborators, donations, etc.»

Ashe -

March, 19th 2015

- Official Statement from PullipCon -

« Dear readers,

Since the Organization of PullipCon, we regret to have to tell that a few days of our first anniversary, are still open conflicts caused by an ex-member of staff which acts against the organization using outside services that no contract has no authority for your particular application and less without the express consent of those who hired them. False defamations and their lack of responsibility to not submit to the meeting of 16 March 2015, obliges us to arrange defense covering the protection of data and to natural persons by law.

At all times we have been educated and have appreciated and respected his work, even so, this person has continued abusing of trust and team work. Because of what we consider a very serious fault, we cease our activities for the 2016 event.

We feel that people who act ethically so little there are, but if this person wants to be part of another team and create another event under another brand nobody will prevent it is. Either way, remember that the misuse of services not authorized, the brand and the web domain of PullipCon will force us to take new legal action.»

Yours sincerely,

PullipCon -