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Bennefic Raffle for ~Pedacito de Cielo ~

(Soon we will enable photos of the donations, sorry for the inconveniences, we're working fast as soon as possible)

We want to do special mention to the collaboration and help on the part of Felicity Dolls (Estefania). Thank you! ♥

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Delivery gifts: Stage Zone

And the PullipCon's best decorated stand is....

Stand GOLD 15★ Dolly Boutique

Congratulations! ;D

Ashe -

Resolution: day of the event
Delivery prize: Stage Zone

Raffle ~My Melody~

Every body can participate coming or not to PullipCon.

Thank you for participating in the raffle!

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Resolution: day of the event
Stage Zone
FLICKR Contest - I PullipCon

Photo Contest organized by Kirby and Ashe of PullipCon’s Team and managed by our new assistant HySl. Thank you! for your inestimable organization in the contest ;*

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Rules of the Contest
Photo Contest Zone

We want to celebrate that we are +500 likes in facebook so we will raffle this cute Washing Vintage Detail Overall from TTYA.

You need to do this steps for participate:
➀ Like our facebook page.
➁ Like our image/post
➂ Share it on Facebook! (take care! remember to share it in 'public' because we need to check it)
➃ Post a comment in our photo/post.

Thanks for participate!


PullipCon Ticket ~000~

The day strikes!

The ticket number 000's got an owner already...


There's a lot more to know yet, but we can tell you that this ticket isn't just a number, it comes with a bunch of exclusive surprises!!

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Rules of the Contest